Tidbits from my daily reading diet

My parents still subscribe to the daily newspaper, so when I visit home, my morning ritual invariably involves crinkly paper and the delicious smell of newsprint. In my own home, I'm mostly digital but the start of my day is still my own cobbled together electronic newspaper. Especially in a period of enforced inactivity (thanks Doc!), I find myself reading more than ever.

For me, there are three main values: gaining perspective on the marketplaces and industries that I work in, finding great inspiration for my blog posts and also to feel more generally informed about the world in which we live. A number of people recently have asked where I like to spend my online reading time so in no defined order, here are the regulars of my daily reading diet:

Aside from the quick(ish) reads, longform articles from The Guardian, Longform.org and Brain Pickings also inspire me and end up adding to my ever growing Pocket list. I've resigned myself to always having more to read than time to read but in some ways it's comforting to know that there's never a dearth of reading material.