Articulate your strategy. Develop your product lines. Review your roadmap.
Prioritize your backlog.



Articulate the product. Develop its features. Plan the launch and go to market strategy.




Hire the right people. Develop organizational frameworks. Review and create playbooks.

I can help you execute on your vision.

At this time, I’m focused on my current startup, and I’m not actively taking on consulting roles. I am open to board roles. Please contact me directly if you’re interested in pursuing this.

I love working with startups and helping them think about their business and products. Once upon a time, I was an engineer building Java applications to assess the risk in financial markets. Not long after that, I found my way into the land of product management and have been roaming there ever since. My product experience spans companies big and small across different industries and at different stages of growth.

From heading product at Uber to creating social features for Google Toolbar, I've defined, created and scaled products that people love and use everyday. My philosophy around product management has evolved to adapt the best practices across these experiences and tailor them to the specific needs of a company and product. Today, I consult with startups to help build products better and faster in a constantly shifting environment.

I believe that Product Management is the marriage of vision and execution, or put somewhat differently, a combination of art and science. The art of product management is the vision and insight provided by employees who are deeply embedded in the company. I firmly believe that the last thing you need is another person telling you what products to build, especially as an external consultant.

As a consultant, I want to help you focus on the execution, or science, of product management, which can take shape in different ways.